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I’ve decided to Liveblog Tonight

I’ve only done it once before, the 13-inning D’Backs-Mets extravaganza that began as a pitchers duel between Webb and Martinez.

The D’Backs and the Dodgers went 15 innings last night. They wouldn’t dare go extras again tonight, would they?

See you in a little under 2 hours.

Kéllia "Some people will do anything to avoid housework" Ramares
Oakland, CA

Soccer: Definitely an Acquired Taste

Many thanks to MadDog for his World Cup Liveblogs. He chooses good photos and I could tell from the comments of the soccer fans who visited that he was telling them what they needed to know. I found liveblogging a baseball game to be quite a job and I can imagine that it is harder for a game like hockey, soccer or basketball where the movements of the ball/puck and the players are faster and far less circumscribed than in baseball.

The liveblog served to tell me something I already suspected: that a soccer match is better watched than read about, as least for a neophyte like me who needs to visualize what is happening on the field (or as they call it in this case, the pitch) in order to understand it.

Although I enjoy an occasional pitchers’ duel between aces, I am more a fan of offense. I suppose this means that I am a typical American. A score of 6-5 is somehow more fun than 2-1. Not that I like a basically no-defense game. I like standard American football. Arena football doesn’t float my boat.

And on the other end of the spectrum, I find soccer too low-scoring. However, I can certainly respect the athleticism of the participants and if I had children, I would want them to try the sport.

But, when it comes to watching a game, I prefer the agony of the pause between pitches (in this case meaning throws), when an ace faces a slugger with a runner on third, two out, and the game on the line.


LIVEBLOG 1: D’Backs vs. Mets–Mets 1 D’Backs 0 in 13

Update: Typos fixed. Since we had a rainout tonight, yout might want to read this Liveblog Archive of that incredible D’Backs-Mets pitcher’s duel:

Yeah, I know. I said I wasn’t going to liveblog until July. That was before I agreed to be substitute broadcast tech for two school board meetings and the Memorial Day evening newscast, not to mention all the work i did for the fundraiser show.

And this is a special case. Not only are two ACEs facing each other–and aren’t we all hoping they both bring their "A" games?–but BYRNESIE IS PLAYING despite Melvin’s preference for the left/switch lineup against Pedro, and DaVanon’s better, though not scintillating, lifetime performance against Petey.

Normally, I would be rooting for the Mets, but nothing is normal today. My first priority is always Eric Byrnes. So here’s to his extending his hitting streak to 14 games. He will need a multi-hit night to get the BA up. True Elation is a multi-hit night with at least 1 RBI.

Another homer would be nice, but I want to see some doubles also, Eric. You have gone 31 PAs without one.

How this will work:

This is my first time, and I have a slight impairment of the right hand that makes typing a little strange. So my apologies in advance for the typos.  I will add to the bottom of this post as Red Sox Chick does with hers and will save after every half inning.  I’ve got an old slow computer, so trying to do it at other times means I will miss something.

Expect a lot of abbreviations. I will give times in Pacific Daylight because I am in Oakland, CA. You are welcome to comment, but I don’t know if I will have much time to respond during the cast.

I have no idea what my style is going to be. probably a lot of play-by-play with commentary on Byrnesie more than anything. but you never know once the game starts. Not being the queen of geeks that Red Sox Chick is, I don’t know that I will be able to post pix along the way. but if you have seen my other posts recenty, you know what Byrnes and Webb look like :+)

If I find a Mets liveblogger, I will let you know.

Here are the starting lineups:


Counsell SS


Tracy 3B

Gonzalez LF

Clark 1B

Green, S. RF

Estrada C

Hudson 2B

Webb P


Reyes SS

Lo Duca C

Beltran CF

Delgado 1B

Wright 3B

Floyd LF

Valentin 2B

Milledge RF

Martinez P

Congrats to Milledge on his first MLB hit last night.

4:06 I’m wearing my Byrnes/22/D’Backs T-shirt and my authentic D’Backs road cap & I’m thinking that you might be getting a live version of The Eric Byrnes Pitch Count Report tonight, I’ll catch up on the paper version later.

4:09 I’m Nervous. But then I typically am until Byrnesie gets a hit. And I know that won’t be easy off Petey. I’m also nervous about the technology, but it just came on so everything should be OK.

4:10 Petey’s on the mound. 5 consecutive starts without a win. A no decison would be fine. Bunches of D’backs have lifetime .300 avgs vs. PM

4:11 Counsell up. first pitch is a strike. Couns = .359 OBP Short popup to SS Reyes.

4:12 Byrnesie! Called Strike. Strike Two Called (Curve down the middle). Byrnesie lunges for third pitch, but it a SINGLE!!!! to left. 14 game streak !!!!! YES!!!!

4:13 Lo Duca to the mound. Tracy up. BYRNES steals second (No. 6) on first pitch. Throw was to SS side of the bag. TV b’cast has stopped twice. This is not good. Tracy K’s swinging.

4:16 Gonzo up. Pops up to catcher.

No Score. Mets up.

4:19 Reyes grounds out 4-3. Webby’s a sinkerballer so we should see lots of Grounders. Webb leads the majors on throwing grounders.

4:21 On 3-1 Lo Duca took a strike he thought was ball 4. Then he fouled one off his leg. OUCH!

4:22 Chopper to Counsell. Lo Duca out.

4:22 Beltran up.

4:23 Beltran BB’d. 10th in 83 innings for Webb. This is not good.

4:23 Delgado up. He’s 3-31. That’s rough. I remember when EB was 3-31 with the Orioles. Mets are wearing their black jerseys. D’Backs std road grays, no sleeves Beltran has drawn some throws at first.

4:25 Beltran caught stealing 2-6, perfect throw to 2B side of the bag by Estrada.

No Score.

4:28 Clark K’s

4:29 S Green pops up to short center. Petey is being efficient in his strike out, fly ball kind of way.

4:31 Milledge blew a routine line drive hit right at him. Trying to make a one handed catch at the knees. Rookie mistake. E-9.

4:32 Hudson, base hit to right. Webb up. He’s got 7 RBI. Can he make it 8? He’s a righty swinger. Jose Valentin just stole a base hit  from Webb. Dove for sharply hit grounder. Flipped to short for the force. Fine, fine play.

Still no score.

4:36 Delgado up. When Mets came in, Milledge acknowledged his error to Martinez and Petey shook his hand. Veteran class. Good for rookie to own up to his error.

4:37: BYRNESIE!!!! Steals double or triple from Delgado with great catch at CF wall!!!!! Ball was hit to top of wall in RC. Single, stolen base & great catch. Way to start, EB!

4:38 Wright 6-3.

4:39 Cliff Floyd up. Bloops fly ball caught by Byrnesie, who in best baseball tradition, is up this half inning after making great play in the field. :+D Hi to Matt of Diamondhacks.

4:43 Counsell up. No Score top of the 3rd. Interview with BP coach who first met Petey when he was 16 in the DR.

4:44 Counsell K’s BYRNESIE UP. Misses first pitch. Takes a ball. Fouls third pitch. Next pitch very high. Ball 3. Full Count. Swing and Miss. Strike 3 and crowd is happy. I’m not.

4:47 Tracy up. I really don’t like getting a puny look at the batting because of this emphasis on interview with the bp coach. Tracy out 4-3. The interview is interesting, but we don’t need the visual.

No Score

4:50 Valentin shows bunt. Swings at misses at 2d pitch. Base hit to left off sinker that was a ball.

4:52 Milledge up. He’s 21. What were you doing at 21? Big swing and miss. Milledge Ks swinging on a sinker. It’s MLB, Rook!

4:53 Petey bunts foul. Gets a bunt down 1-4 on his third try. Valentin in scoring pos.

4:54 Reyes up. B’Caster say that their last night’s 0-15 with RISP vs 1 pitcher tied record they set in 68. (Bob Veal of Pitts) Reyes K’s. Mets RISP woes continue. Good, as long as they solve the problem tomorrow.

Still No Score. We are getting the pitchers’ duel we were expecting.

4:58 Gonzo up. 124 AB’s without a homer. Wright hands foul ball to little boy. Class act. No surprise to Wrightoholics. Pedro shaking off C. Gonzo pops into stands. Cliff Floyd catches Gonzo’s fly to LC.

5:01 Clark up. In stands interview with Milledge family members who could not make it to last night’s game. He just made a Very Good catch on warning track. Darn, I was hoping Clark had a double. But not to be.

5:03. Milledge wears No. 44. Aaron and McCovey wore that number. S. Green up. Milledge picks off Green’s line drive. This time with two hands.

Still No Score.

5:06 Lo Duca up. They were saying before that Milledge’s Dad and 2 Bros played pro ball, but none got beyond A ball. Infield hit, up the mound, diving stop by Hudson. He should not have thrown and risked an error.

5:08 Beltran up. Chop, Hudson to Counsell to force Lo Duca. Counsell practically airmailed the throw. Good Thing Clark is tall. Lo Duca took him out and got a knee to the head.

5:10 Counsell fields slow roller on first base side of second & Gets the out.

5:10 Wright up. Counsell runs down grounder just to the SS side of second. Throws to Clark for the out.

Still no score.

5:14 Estrada up. Petey has walked none. Webb only one. Floyd runs down Estrada’s fly to deep left.

5:14 Hudson up. Has one of the two hits off Pedro. You know who has the other! :+D  He K’s looking on backdoor cutter.

5:16 Webby up. Webby down swinging at curveball. Petey has K’d 6.

Still No Score. Petey has retired 10 straight D’Backs.

5:19 Floyd leads off. Cliff was knocked down after diving into plate. Is not hit. He pops to 3rd.

5:21 Valentin up. Webby’s throwing strikes inside. Bounces out 5-3. I thought Tracy was a little slow to get the throw off.

5:22 Milledge up. Webb’s got the curve working, and he has just struck out Milledge with a sinker. Grab some pine, Rook! Aflac Triva question was who before Valentin was last Mets 2B to homer in consecutive games. They haven’t answered it yet. These half innings are going by really fast.

Still no score.

5:26 Counsell up. Base hit to RC.

5:26 BYRNES up!!! C’Mon, EB. For some reason, crowd is booing.*****! Long Fly out to center. and Counsell was already on other side of second and had to go back to first.

5:28 Tracy singled. Counsell tried to go to third. Milledge threw a strike to third and got Counsell out. Very Fine Throw. Very Fine. Got Counsell by two feet.

5:29 Gonzo pops up. No Score. But Petey just gave up two hits and one very deep fly ball. And Byrnesie needs another hit for his average. And I need him to get an RBI hit for True Elation. And the way things are going, this could be a one run game.

Still no runs though.

5:32 Petey struck out. Reyes bounced to Hudson playing shallow.

5:33 Lo Duca up. Webby’s curveball is working. Strike three on the outside corner. No Score after 6. It feels like 16. 5th K for Webby who is not a strikeout pitcher, really.

5:37 Clark up. Jeff Keppinger is the Aflac trivia q. answer. He’s in the minor leagues again. Hit HRs in 2 consecutive games two year ago. Clark just 4-3’d. Hazy at Shea.

5:38 Green has lined out to short. That’s another hard hit ball.

5:39 Estrada singles to right just past the diving Valentin.

5:39 Hudson up. Pops to shallow center. 7th inning stretch time.

Still no score.

5:41 Hi to Mike of Some Ballyard.

5:42 Heart of Mets batting order up. Beltran leading off. Crowd chanting: Let’s Go Mets. Beltran fouls ball off his ankle OUCH! Haze is actually fog/grizzle. Beltran hits grounder to first. Webb barely gets to first on time.

5:44 Do Not Nonchalant, Webb! Delgado up. Webb behind 3-0. Delgado swings and hits U-3. (Good!)

5:46 Wright up. Hits base hit to right. Opp Field for David. Webb had retired 11 straight b-4 this.

5:47 Webb throwing a lot to first. Webb lets dribbler go foul once Floyd got by him.

5:50 Mist is thickening. Floyd opp field base hit to left. Runners at the corners. Hit was off a good pitch, sinker down and away.

5:51 Valentin up. Floyd steals second w/o throw. Full count now. Should have been strike 3. Even the Mets announcers agreed. Estrada hopped up thinking it was strike three. Webb’s 100th pitch makes Valentin pop out to third.

No Score, end of 7. Webb due up to lead off eighth.

5:56 Petey faces DaVanon, PH for Webb. Vizcaino warming up. Keith Hernandez sez he wouldn’t take his ace out with the BP throwing like the D’Backs have. I agree. Webby was throwing well. DaVanon lines out to Floyd.

5:59 Counsell up. He’s 1-3. Petey’s still got great location. Strike three. 7 Ks.

6:00 Here’s Byrnesie. Now why are they booing him? Not like he hit a homer today. Fouls first one back. Takes strike two. Crowd on its feet. Byrnes K’s to end inning. (#*!&@$%^@!#$!!!)

Petey due up so likely we will see a pinch hitter. Who knows what will. happen now with the BPs?

6:03 Milledge up. Facing Vizcaino. Petey threw 106 Ps. Milledge out 6-3. Julio Franco PH for Petey. Interview with Petey. Said rhythm seemed to be there. He likes to pitch fast. Said he used his 2-seamer a lot more. And varied speeds more with it.

6:06 What looked like a ball outside was called a strike. Franco singles to second. That’s OK. I like to see that old guy do well. Kaz Matsui runs for him. Time for a D’Back DP!

6:08 Reyes swings thru a fast ball. 0-1. Strike 2. Vizcaino is pitching well. Reyes fouls back another one. He’s having a good AB. Estrada to mound to say something to Viz. Crowd shouting: Let’s Go Mets. Reyes fouls ball into HP ump’s stomach over Estrada’s shoulder. He’s checked out by crew chief and Mets Trainer. 1-2 to Reyes. Reyes hIts curve for fly ball to Byrnesie who easily gathers it in. Two out.

6:14 Lo Duca up. Long hard fly ball hit to Left Center, where BYRNES catches it near the wall. Out Number 3! YES!!!!!!


6:17 Wagner on to pitch. No Decision for Pedro. Now has ERA second only in league to Brandon Webb. No wins for Pedro in May. For the first time in his Career, Pedro has no wins in a month. Tracy lines out to left.

6:18 Gonzo up. Gonzo is now 126 ABs witout a homer.  Make that 127. He just struck out. Clark out 5-3 after Delgado bails out Wright on low throw.

Bottom of 9th coming up. Both Father and son authors of Some Ballyard have stopped by. Hi, guys. Matt of Diamondhacks is back.

Jorge Julio was warming up as was Brandon Lyon. Lets see who comes in for the D’Backs.

6:22 It’s Brandon Lyon to face Beltran, Delgado and Wright. (Oh My!)

6:23 Lyon behind Beltran 3-1 Uh-oh. Borderline knee-high pitch called a strike. Hernandez sez ump as been consistent on that. Beltran K’s on strike. Swinging.

6:25 Lyon v Delgado. They were teammates in Toronto in ’01 and ’02. Delgado K’s on a curve!

6:26 Wright up. No walk-off today please! Estrada got clobbered by a foul. Off his shoulder. You can see Wright asking if he’s OK. More Class. Full Count. Crowd on its feet. Wright fouls off fastball. Wright K’s!!!! Lyon strikes out the side!

Extra innings!

6:31 Green hits first pitch single. Julio and Medders warming up.

6:32 Estrada, the teams best RBI guy, is showing bunt. This man is not a bunter. Melvin is up to his old tricks. You avoid the DP with the slow Estrada by playing hit and run. Estrada is now in two strike hole. Showed bunt again and missed.


6:34 Hudson up. Green steals his fourth base of the year with no throw! That’s another way to move a runner besides having a non-bunter like Estrada bunting;

Green thrown out at second when Hudson grounded to short and Green was too far off bag.

6:36 The patient Conor Jackson is pinch- hitting. Wagner behind 3-0. Wagner walks Jackson. Lead runner on second again. Two out, two on. Counsell up.

6:37 Counsell is a lefty who can hit lefties. But he’s out 1-3.

Still no score.

6:40 Medders in. If this goes on much longer, the D’Backs are going to run out of pitchers. So lets get these guys out and have Byrnesie hit another homer when he leads off the 11th and somebody close the game in the bottom of the 11th, OK?

6:41 Floyd up. Lines out to Clark.

6:42 Valentin up. Still misting in Flushing. My palms have been misting for three inning now. Bloop caught by Hudson.

6:44 Milledge up. Out 4-3

No Score.

6:47 Duaner Sanchez pitching. BYRNES up!*****! Byrnesie pops up the first pitch.

6:49 OK, Tracy. How about a HR from you? I’ll take a Double, OK? Endy Chavez was put into right field as part of a double switch at the beginning of the inning. Tracy K’s on a ball.

6:50 Gonzo, you have had no hits in this series. Time to break the slump, eh? 6-3 with a grounder up the middle. <sigh> Bathroom Break.

6:54 Medders still in. Endy Chavez gets his first PA. The announcers are talking about how he’s been a pleasant surprise. I think the WBC was a good experience for him. Chavez just lost his bat fouling off a curve. Phils lost. Braves are winning. Chavez hit a deep grounder that Counsell did not field cleanly but he would not have caught Endy anyway.

6:55 Reyes bunts sucessfully. Endy on second.

6:57 Lo Duca up. Chavez is fast. Lo Duca fouls off a pitch. Has two strikes on him. But he’s a tough K and is 7-20 with 2 strikes. He jumped out of the way of a high pitch and was rung up for "swinging" as he turned away. This was not a good call. He was ducking a high pitch, and he did not swing. That was not fair to him.

7:01 Beltran is up. Fouled a ball off his knee. OUCH! He’s on the ground and in obvious pain. This is not good. Trainer is flexing his leg so nothing seems broken. He got up. GOOD. Crowd was chanting his name. He’s still looking woozy. He’s going back to the plate. But he’s hurting. 

7:05 Yikes, Medders almost threw that one away. Beltran K’s.

7:07 Chavez to center. Woodward to right as Beltran is taken out. Clark batting v. Sanchez. Rips a single. OK!

7:08 Mets down to one bench player. D’Backs have three. Green GIDP 4-6-3.

7:09 Estrada pops up first pitch. Sanchez 6 pitch inning. plus 10 pitches the inning before. How much does he make? Nice work if you can get it.

No Score.

Still no score.

7:11 Medders out there again.

7:12 Delgado up. Before first pitch is thrown, Melvin comes out to signal for Jorge Julio. This makes me nervous. He is doing well. Let’s see if he can keep it up.  I thought he was a head case in Balto last year and he seemed to be hewing to that line in his early appearances with the Mets, but he’s been good lately, and is being tested out as a possible closer. Let’s see if he can keep the Mets from winning this one.

7:14 Back to Shea for Jorge J.  Delgado up. In a slump but has done very well against Julio. Over the mound Counsell grabs it in the shfit. Delgado out.

7:16 Wright up. Routine fly out to left.

7:17 Floyd up. Julio is the D’Backs 5th pitcher of the night. Floyd K’s. Great Job, Julio. Keep this up and I won’t think you are a head case any more.

No score. On to the 13th. I’m Pagan. 13 is a magic number for me. No Triskaidekaphobia here. Also part Venezuelan and well aware that V. shortstops often wear 13 in honor of Dave Concepcion.

7:20 Sanchez just struck out Hudson.

7:21 Andy Green Batting for Julio. Pop Fould to Lo Duca. 8 batters, 22 pitches for Sanchez

7:22 Counsell up. Beltran being re-evaluated. Bruised knee so far. Counsell doubles.

7:23 C’Mon Byrnesie!!!!! Please!!!!! Two out RISP here. Ball One. ARGH. Broken bat grounder. Out 5-3. This has been a very tough night.

Bottom of the 13th.

7:26 Grimsley, the inning eater is on the mound for the D’Backs. Valentin has a lead off double to left off the wall to lead off the inning. One hop to the wall.

7:28 Ramon Castro up. He’s the last bench player for the Mets. Broken bat grounder advances Valentin to third.

7:30 Endy Chavez up. Infield in. One Out. Infield and outfield in. Chavez hits a single deep to right center. The Grimsley sinker didn’t sink.

OK Mets, Congrats. A team that can win as many walk offs as you have (8) had better beat the Braves this year.

See you in Phoenix next week.

This is exhausting.


Post-Mortem of Liveblog 1

Mets 1 – D’Backs 0 in 13.

My brain is still as mushy as the oatmeal I eat. That’s a sign that I used a lot of mental energy last night. And that’s the first thing I have to say to any wannebe livebloggers out there. It’s the most intense way to stay into a game because you have to pay attention to every play. And it’s even more intense than keeping score because you are logging time, writing words instead of baseball shorthand–uploading pix if you are an ace liveblogger like Red Sox Chick– and at least checking to see if you have any comments. (I did some of that and have to thank Matt of Diamondhacks, Michael and Christopher of Some Ballyard, and Arielle of Dispatches from Red Sox Teen Nation for stopping by.

I started eating oatmeal for breakfast several months ago as an anti-cholesterol measure. But now I eat it any old time because it’s the easiest thing to fix. Sometimes I don’t even nuke it, I just snack on it raw. And there is lesson No. 2. Be nourished, and hydrated before liveblogging, and you should probably have some snacks, or at least liquids handy for between inning breaks.

Again my apologies for the typos. I will try to fix some after work tonight. It should be brainless enough to do. It’s a good thing I have been board opping for many years and practically do it in my sleep. (I have almost fallen asleep as a Bored Op on a few occasions. If any of you bloggers are visiting the Bay Area on a Tuesday or a Thursday and there is not a ballgame to attend, you should come over and watch the newscast; I could use the company). So yeah, it helps to be a good typist. I will say that my hands did not hurt during the process. I have a keyboard with a light touch.

I suppose my best advice to first time livebloggers is: Do Not Pick A Pitcher’s Duel! No time to rest or think. This was a long game made up of a lot of short half-innings. I literally lost track of the innings and had to rely on the broadcasters to tell me where we were. And they really didn’t get into that much until about the 6th. At least as far as I could hear. Perhaps I got so locked into looking at the video and typing that my hearing was reduced.

You are lucky if you can watch the game on TV while typing on the computer or watch on a separate computer. The TV stopped a couple of times early on and I was wondering if I was asking my PII 333MhZ to do too much. It held up. But if you can spread out your technology, it’s probably safer.

As for the game itself: WOW!

The Webb-Martinez matchup was everything we had hoped for. They just kept putting up zeroes. This is one of those games where you say it’s a shame that one of the teams had to lose. Both starters ended up with no decision but they gave us what we wanted to see. I think they both should have at least started the 8th.

The surprise is that the BP’s did not immediately collapse so that the game went 13 full.

Two other great moments that stand out in my tired brain: Lastings Milledge’s throw from right that nailed Craig Counsell at third. (And Couns ain’t slow!) Shades of Vlad Guerrero on that throw!

And, of course, Eric Byrnes’ catch at the wall in center field that saved a double, possibly a triple in right center was wonderful. And that’s just not the Byrnesblogger talking. It was the video highlight of the game on the AZ Diamondbacks Web site this morning.

I also enjoyed his later catch in left center. It wasn’t spectacular but it showed, just in case you hadn’t noticed, that Eric Byrnes covers a lot of ground out there.

Would that he had had a better day at the plate. Byrnesie singled his first time up, extending his hitting streak to 14 games. (Not the 13 I found on the MLB.com screen and yes, I did report that error to someone who can get it fixed). But he did not get any hits after that. There was this one well hit fly ball, but center field at Shea is where homers go to die. And his last time up, it was a grounder well struck, but the bat broke and David Wright ate up the ball for a 5-3.

Byrnesie is now batting .316 and he’s playing tonight. I just looked at the lineup. So now we can see what he can pull out of his hat, or bat, to get back to .320. Actually, I should say so now you can see what he can pull out of his hat, or bat, because I am going to work soon. He may be batting better in this streak when I am not looking so maybe it is best I go to work and not pay attention to what he did until after the game. 

The Mets have the luxury of a night off to savor their hard won victory. The D’Backs had to go to Atlanta where tonight they are facing lefty Horacio Ramirez.

Some interesting changes in the D’Backs lineup today. Both Gonzo and Couns are getting the night off. Andy Green is playing LF and batting leadoff, with Byrnesie still in the 2 hole. Conor Jackson is back at first and with Gonzo out, CoJack is batting cleanup. Shawn Green is 5th and Damion Easley, who is playing shortstop and batting .239 is hitting 6th.

Attn: Matt of Diamondhacks, I think this would have been a good night to try Byrnesie at 5th, given all the shuffling. What say you?

Anyway, back to yesterday’s game. The boos for Byrnesie got louder with each AB and that was great. When the opposition fans boo you that hard, it’s a sign that you’re being effective. And with three homers in the previous two games, plus the early single and the two fine plays in the outfield, the Mets fans had something to boo about. Too bad Byrnesie couldn’t give them any more.

I was sorry to see Beltran foul a ball off his knee and have to leave the game. He’s listed day-to-day with a deep bone bruise.

Lastings Milledge. Of course, I enjoyed seeing him strike out. He saw some pitches last night he couldn’t even dream of in the minor leagues. I was surprised by the error. When a ball has to be caught around the knees, you are begging for an error to try to catch it one- handed and with the glove face down instead of up. Actually, I don’t like to see anyone making one-handed catches unless it’s absolutely necessary. But then, I’m old-fashioned that way.

One thing for sure that I never want to see again is top RBI-man Johnny Estrada trying to bunt. UGLY, useless, and unnecessary. I won’t even get more into it except that I don’t want to see Byrnesie sac bunting either. He might occasionlly try bunting for a hit because, unlike Estrada, he’s fast enough to beat one out. But there are other ways to avoid a double play than to ask inexperienced bunters with pop in their bats, such as Estrada and Byrnes, to sac bunt.

Bad move: Shawn Green wandering too far off second and getting called out trying to get back there on a grounder to short. To borrow a phrase from RadioMan’s Korner, these are the MET PROFESSIONALS, Greenie. They aren’t where they are by not paying attention to what the lead runner is doing.

OK, Diamondbacks, on your feet! (Wait a minute. Snakes don’t have feet!). Rattle your tails and show your fangs! Bite the Braves in the rear end and then come on home.

In the meantime, I also have to go back to work.