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Books on Early Baseball

19th Century to the end of the Deadball Era, have been added to the Byrnesblog Baseball Bookstore. They include books on early black baseball entrepreneurs, early baseball labor relations, and teams, e.g. Cleveland Spiders, New York Giants. Check it out, as well as the biography section, which includes bios of some early stars.

Also, you’ll find Joe Posnanski’s book about Buck O’Neill, "The Soul of Baseball" as the first book in the Black Baseball section.


Introducing ByrnesBlogger’s Baseball Bookstore

ByrnesBlogger’s Baseball Bookstore is an Amazon.com associate that you will find on the left sidebar. It’s just getting started so there’s still alot to add and I am hand-selecting books from Amazon’s huge collection so it will take some time to fully develop. But already I have sections featuring books by MLBloggers, books "For Stats Geeks and Fantasy Owners", books on Black Baseball and baseball biographies. I’ll build more sections including books about baseball history, specific teams, other minority groups and "The Business" and add books to the already established sections over the course of the season.

You can help by suggesting a book or section topic, and of course, by making purchases. As new sections are added, I’ll announce them here.

Have fun shopping!