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2001 World Series Collectors’ Edition DVD Set Belongs in the Library of All Baseball Fans: Win One in the Byrnesblog Giveaway.

Many knowledgeable baseball people, including Eric Byrnes,
consider the 2001 World Series one of the best, if not THE best World
Series ever. Seven games between the storied New York Yankees, winners
of the previous three World Series, and 26 championships overall,
versus the upstart Arizona Diamondbacks, in existence for only four
years and playing in their first World Series. And Game 7 was an epic
pitchers’ duel that went down to the wire.

On April 29th, A&E Home Video (aetv.com) and MLB
Productions make a DVD set of this series available. Buy it. Unless you
win the one I have available as a giveaway on this blog. Details about
that further down.

The DVD player I have attached to my TV is not working for
some reason. So I was pleased to find that the DVDs will play on a PC
with DVD playing software. I’m running Windows XP Home Edition and NTI
DVD software on a 2 GB system with 512 MB Ram of which only 448 MB is
working properly; but the DVD’s ran perfectly despite the RAM problem.
The mouse substitutes for TV remote control and is much easier to use.

The pictures, basically the Fox broadcast of each game, are
crisp and clear. The games are edited to bring you the best shots…and
no commercial breaks! You just go from one inning to the next and
through the pitching changes with all baseball. The only non-baseball
information is in the form of the graphics that were part of the game
broadcast that day. For example, Game 7 updated the viewers on the Emmy
Awards that were presented that night. That’s a nice historical touch.

Bonus features include highlights of the NLDS and NLCS,
trophy presentations, and several on-field post-Game 7 interviews with
the winners. Each of the seven games comes on its own DVD, in its own
jewel case with a liner that provides the box score, an
inning-by-inning summary and tidbits that will satisfy any trivia buff.
The set comes in a box that easy to store; It’s 18 hours and 49 minutes
of material for only $69. Even though the set emphasizes the Arizona
Diamondbacks, it’s a great addition to the libraries of Yankees fans
and anyone else who enjoys great baseball.

For those of you who are interested in the one I’m giving
away, the way to get it is to send me an Eric Byrnes story from
anywhere starting with his college days to the present. Keep it
family-friendly as I want to post the entries here. What was it like to
meet Byrnesie? Did you go to school with him, see him as a minor
leaguer, banter with him in the stands in the majors, or meet him in
the supermarket? Did he visit your school, hospital or Little League?

My stats reports say that a lot of people visit, but only a
few people ever
comment. My usual commentators, the guys who run the AZSportshub
& MLB.com websites, members of Byrnesie’s family and current social circle,
professional journalists who have interviewed Byrnes, and anyone who
has ever been featured on The Eric Byrnes Show are not eligible to win
the DVD set but are welcome to contribute a story to enrich the
visiting experience for my readers.

I’m looking for Byrnes fans who have never commented here
before. I’m hoping a chance at this wonderful DVD set will entice some
of you into joining the discussions. Don’t be shy. You don’t have to be
a literary genius to enter, but the winner will be the story I find
most interesting, so don’t just say you were there when Byrnesie did

Send your stories to byrnesblogger1 [at] azsportshub.com by May 15th. The decision of the judge (me) is final.