Moving Day!

  AZ Adds Byrnes/Diamondbacks Blog to Growing Roster  

Monday, December 03, 2007 12:00 AM
(Industry: Sports)

Down The Left Field Line: Life,
Baseball & Eric Byrnes has moved from to
“I’ve always had a steady stream of visitors on the MLB web site,” said
Kellia Ramares a.k.a. ByrnesBlogger1, “but a community never formed
around my blog or indeed around most of the fan blogs at MLB. I hope
that by moving the ByrnesBlog to a site created by and for fans of
Arizona sports teams, more visitors will want to interact with my blog
rather than just read it.” ( covers
Arizona college and professional sports through fan blogs and audio and
video podcasts. Visitors can interact with the site by leaving sports
news tips, and comments for individual bloggers, voting in polls, and
participating in discussion forums in the site’s “Locker Room” (

Down the Left Field Line has always been more than one fan’s homage
to Eric Byrnes, said Ramares, and she sees the move as an opportunity
to grow it further. “Matt Blake, AZSportshub’s co-founder, has worked
very hard both to transfer my previous work to AZSportshub and to give
me new functionality. AZSportshub’s podcast support provides an
incentive for me to do interviews.” The journalist from Oakland, CA
continued, “Visitors can now listen to an interview Eric Byrnes gave me
in San Francisco during the heat of last season’s playoff race. That’s
just the beginning. I’m open to talking to anyone connected to the
Diamondbacks and I hope that visitors will contribute suggestions for
stories. Right now I’m working on lining up interviews from the Winter
Meetings in Nashville.”

Greg Esposito, content manager of AZSportshub said of Ramares,
“We’re thrilled to have her on board. We think she’s a great talent and
we’re giving her free rein to write about anything in baseball she
wants,” adding that she has indicated an interest in covering the
arraignment of Barry Bonds on Federal charges stemming from the BALCO

The new URL for Down The Left Field Line: Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes is


I will keep this space open until the end of the subscription sometime next August. But it will be like Rumor Mill’s. New Posts will direct you to stuff at AZSportshub.

Thanks to Mark Newman, Matt of Diamondhacks, Russell of Arizona via Slough, Tracy of Chicks Dig The Long Ball, Michael and Christopher of Some Ballyard/Clubhouse, more Red Sox bloggers than I can name, and all  the other past & present MLB folk who shared my ups and downs following the fate of Eric Byrnes. I learned alot; I had a good time, but with Eric signing a 3-year contract with the Diamondbacks, it makes sense for me to affiliate with this Arizona contingent, especially since they asked me.

BTW, Eric and Tarah got married Dec. 1. Within just under 5 months Eric Byrnes has gotten his first multi-year contract (with a complete no-trade clause no less), an XM Radio show, and a wife. Could he be growing up? Naaah! Don’t let the trappings of adulthood fool ya! He’ll always be "our boy" and we’ll always love him for that childlike quality of not taking himself or his money too seriously.

Eric, all we ask is that you always do your best at work, respect the game and the fans, be good to Tarah, and don’t drink and drive!

See y’all at the new place!




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