Is ripping off fans?

Just when ByrnesBlogger1 was thinking about buying some D’Backs games, this showed up on the ‘Net:

by Matt Watson

You know how makes it possible to purchaseand download full games to watch on your computer? Be wary, fellow
fans, because despite what you may read on their site, you’re not
"purchasing" anything at all; you’re merely renting a license to watch
the games, a license that may be revoked at any time…

More of Matt Watson’s Post.

ByrnesBlogger1, No Fan of DRM.




    Why am I not surprised? Of course it’s all about ripping off the fans. This is hardly unique to MLB, sad to say, it’s the norm in our ubercapitalist society. Even Adam Smith would be appalled at how capitalism has been converted into a massive Ponzi scheme, one that is about to collapse like a house of cards.


    Speaking of ripoffs, I just heard that Byrnes signed a deal with XM radio. Which means, because I don’t have it, I don’t get to hear his show. I’m really getting smegging tired of being told that I’ve got to pay to watch others play, and it’s getting out of hand. Got to pay for DTV to see most of the games, got to pay MLB to get online games, and now, got to pay to get radio!

    HEY BYRNES, GET A SMEGGING CLUE. Most Americans are getting smacked hard, gas, food, housing prices are skyrocketing, and most of us don’t have unlimited funds. Ticket prices are outrageous, and I really don’t want to live in a nation where only the rich matter.

    When I moved to SF, about the time you were born, there were jobs and cheap rents. No homeless. Now, we’ve got an overbuilt, ugly city, with poverty that is more like the 3rd World.

    Oh, sure, YOU’RE doing well, aincha? Oh, yeah, so just forget about all the people out there, YOUR FANS, who aren’t so lucky, and remembre that you ain’t all that, and are so lucky to be where you are . .. CAN YOU SAY HUBRIS?

    What goes around comes around, pal.

    And speaking of karma, pal, I hate chickenhawks who pimp dead soldiers and won’t serve themselves. Going to fundraisers with your athlete buddies to “support” the Pat Tillman Foundation is pure wankery. He had the courage of his convictions.

    And you?

    You know, here in SF, we are getting the first of the Gulf War vets on the streets. I’m sure Pat would prefer that you help ACTUAL SOLDIERS who are returning to a nation that won’t reward their sacrifice, they aren’t getting medical care even. Pat is dead. They are the walking wounded.

    And you know why most of them are serving? Not just out of patriotism, but it’s the only way they can afford to go to college.

    YOU, OTOH, had an athletic scholarship, so you got a free education, not that you got much educating (OK, it was UCLA) and those poor soldiers end up dead, mutilated, with their souls and psyches torn apart, by the policies of your fellow chickenhawk, Bush.


    Hubris, baby, find out what it means, and why when it catches up with you, why THIS fan of yours, who supported you when no one else did, won’t be there.

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