Tying up Loose Ends

First of all, congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for coming back from a 3-1 deficit to win the American League pennant.  They seem to have patented the process of coming back from way behind.  Now I hope they Pound the Rocks!

22 people voted in my poll about how the Diamondbacks season would end: 2 thought they would lose the division series, 10 thought they would lose the NLCS, two more thought they would go on to the World Series but lose, and eight optimistic souls thought they would win it all.  Oh well, wait till next year!

Next poll asks voters to focus their crystal balls on Randy Johnson.  Come on over and make your prognostication on what he will do next year.  The best time to do this would be before noon Pacific Time, as the poll is only open for 100 views a day.

A review of Eric Byrnes’ year will come later.  I’m still crunching the numbers.



One comment

  1. elizabethfrantes@yahoo.com

    I think that the Big Eunuch should be put down. He’s too ugly to live, and now that he can’t pitch, he serves no useful purpose. Why can’t plastic surgeons and Dr PhilOprah do an intervention on him? Sheesh, you see good looking women feeling it necessary to get nip&tuck work, but it’s OK for men to be that buttugly?

    I’m cheering for the Rockettes, because once the Red Sox finally won, they lost their appeal as pathetic, but brave, losers, fans who would always be there.

    I guess I’m actually cheering against the Red Sox, not for the Rockies, since their “fair weather” fans are almost as annoying as the corporate “fans” who economically cleansed the real fans outta Fenway.

    But Matt Holliday really must grow his hair back. He looks like he came from the planet Remulac!

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