Do you need the Heimlich Maneuver?

You haven’t won since Saturday. The lead is only one game over the Padres and two over the Rockies with four to go, including three with the Rockies.

You are not supposed to be losing to a team that has lost 90 games and is in last place in its division, 15 games out.

There might be a tendency on the part of some people to say that this young team just didn’t learn to close it out. But I won’t buy that. At this time of the year, the rookies aren’t really rookies anymore. And some of the blame for you guys folding like origami this week  lies with the veterans.
Livan staking the Buccos to a 4-run lead doesn’t help. Two games in a row where you were faced with scoring at least 6 runs to win. Not good. Especially when your bats are A.W.O.L.

This means you, Byrnes. In the high summer I would have been fine with what happened yesterday: another single (177) stolen base (49) run scored (103) sequence, and an outfield assist (12 a new personal best). But you left four men on base, including Chris Young at third. I wish that Young could have read the throw into the infield a but better, but there I will chalk it up to inexperience and he was better off being careful. But you could have made things easier by at least hitting a fly ball deeper.

Wake up!



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