The Magic Number Is…


Thanks to the Giants for holding down the Padres last night.

The Diamondbacks open a three-game series against the Pirates tonight at PNC. A sweep of this series would be nice going into the season-ending series versus the red-hot Rockies in Colorado.

Doug Davis starts tonight. He claims to have found a flaw in his mechanics that has rendered him ineffective the last three starts. Let’s hope he’s fixed it. The team needs the DD that was pitching about a month ago.

And speaking of fixing things, Byrnesie, your batting average is doing its annual year-end swan drive. The team doesn’t need that from its MVP going into the playoffs. Get that back shoulder up and start hitting line drives again. You haven’t had an RBI since I last saw you in San Francisco.

Line drives, EB, line drives. Those 50-story fly balls you hit look majestic when they go over the wall, but they look pathetic when they are caught by an infielder.



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