"Regardless of where he hits, Byrnes is optimistic about the season ahead. Asked if he had any magic numbers in mind at the plate for 2007, Byrnes modestly said he’s shooting to hit .407, hit 74 home runs and drive in 192 runs.

"’Figure you might as well shoot for the top, right?’"


Man’s reach should exceed his grasp,
or what’s a heaven for?

–Robert Browning

If Byrnesie is really aiming that high and falls a bit short, we should get .327 with 44 HRs and 122 RBI. It all depends on something he’s working on this spring that I’ll talk about later.

Go, Byrnesie!




  1. John

    Thats a great quote – its easy to see why you like Byrnes so much, I’d pay good money to watch a side with 9 people with that outlook on their game.

    He’s got an attitude thats worth more than any skills you can teach – if you’re not aiming to be the very best, then you never will be. Good on you Eric!



  2. Kellia

    That’s why I trust him. He never gives up and he never gives in. Some of his best moments have when the cause was lost. In 2005, when he was having such an awful time, he threw out a runner at home when his team was down 10-0. He made a diving catch another day when his team was down 11-0. He got infield hit that was one of only 3 hits on a day the team was shut down by C.C. Sabathia. It should have been a simple 6-3 groundout, but the shortstop non-chalanted it.

    He started rallies several times last year; I was at the ballpark when the D’Backs played Oakland and he beat out a swinging bunt past the mound to lead off the 7th inning. That was the beginning of a 3-run rally that won the game.

    Yeah. He’s alot of fun and really they all should play that way. But they don’t. I don’t understand why and neither does Eric.

    Got someone on the Rays like that? I’m thinking maybe Carl Crawford might be the type?

  3. John

    Yeah, CC seems to me to be pretty much all-effort, all of the time. I’d also say Jonny Gomes. He’s great fun to watch, I just couldn’t imagine him doing anything without giving 100%.


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