First day of Full Squad Workouts…

for the D’Backs was yesterday. And my photo supplier furnished this John Miller/AP shot of a certain someone hard at work:


<SMILE> Seeing this first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day!

And did David Wallace of The Arizona Republic just discover the next action movie star?




  1. Kellia

    Just to keep the pitchers honest. An occasional bunt for a basehit is good for the batting average. Not only can he leg one out, but if he can draw the third baseman in a few steps with the threat of a bunt, Eric can then pop one over his head for a double DOWN THE LEFT FIELD LINE.


    He must have gotten his hair cut, and it looks lighter than it did last time he was on TV, the Rick Quan interview.

    Lookin’ good, Eric. Short hair or long, you’re a cutey. But you knew that.

  3. Kellia

    Yeah, he’s gotten it cut. It ought to be just the right length for Opening Day. Although this looks nice too. Just so long as he doesn’t go “high and tight” like he threatened to a year ago.

    In that picture he looks like a race car driver to me. Can’t you just see him in his Corvette. (I wonder what color the car is?)


    Psst, Kellia. It’s silver–and I swear I wasn’t stalking him. I saw him arrive in it at a signing in 2005 just before he was traded. Stupid Billy Beane.

  5. Kellia

    Now that’s a surprise. I would have figured him for black or red.

    One can only hope that Billy Beane’s and Josh Byrnes’ stupidity wii be Brian Sabean’s good fortune next season.


    I thought it was darker gray. There was a picture of it on the KNBR site, after he parked in Radnich’s spot.

    Corvettes are my favorite cars of all time.

    Speaking of hair, Bronson Arroyo has gorgeous blond hair, when he hasn’t got it in those silly braids. It’s even better than Kalihl Green’s blond bob.

  7. Kellia

    Bronson turned 30 yesterday. Red Sox Chick put quite a picture of him off on her blog. It was more about the eyes and hair, at least for me. She wrote “Yowza.” I agree, although I think the action movie star picture of Byrnesie yesterday was triple Yowza. In that shot, I could see him donning a helmet and going for a lap or two around the Brickyard at 230 mph.


    Oh, Bronson does have nice eyes . .. but to be sure Jeter has the most gorgeous eyes in baseball. Jeter doesn’t have the hair or the humor of Eric or Bronson, who is quite a little sweetie. I think Eric’s got the best body in baseball, and he thinks so, so it must be so.

    I have my own sort of Fantasy Team, based on just how hot the players are. I’m sure all the lady fans, and some of the men, have similar lists. Bronson is the Designated Hottie of the Reds. Yowza! Happy Birthday, Bronson! DON’T GO BACK TO THE BRAIDS!

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