Oh, To Be in Tucson, Now That Spring is Here! (Didn’t I Say That LAST Year?)




Great to see this, especially since, after one day where the temp went up to 83 degrees in Oakland, it’s dropped faster than a Brandon Webb sinkerball.

Thanks to M. Spencer Green/AP who took these pix. And a tip of my outdated but still great-looking and fitting D’Backs road cap to a certain reader who sent them along just as I was finishing a tedious day of slogging through the endnotes of my latest article.


One comment

  1. patromerocal@yahoo.com

    I can see the end of tax season when the big boys start playing ball. I can’t wait until I can listen to a game, even if it is “just” a spring training game. The afternoons go by so much faster when there’s a game on.

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