Daron on Eric and Derek

On The Dog Ate Daron’s Homework, the blog of new Arizona Diamondbacks broadcaster Daron Sutton, there are two articles, each of which feature snippets of Daron’s interviews with Eric Byrnes and Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Derek Lowe.

You’ll also be treated to some fine photographs, including one of Eric in his Licey Tigres uniform, back in the pre-long-hair days. (Young, sweet, innocent. Just another All-American boy with big dreams).

Why these two in particular? Read the articles and find out!

The Lowedown on Two Great Baseball Personalities

Eric and Derek Before the Battles

Daron is definitely getting his Diamondbacks career off on the right foot, as far as DTLFL is concerned. He’s shown he knows who the great interview on the team is. ;+)


One comment

  1. elizabethfrantes@yahoo.com

    That was great! This is why I love that boy so much, his attitude.

    As for Derek Lowe, that cheap $lut, well, he’s a Dodger, and that speaks for itself. He got annoyed with me at batting practice when I mistook him for Jeff Weaver (they are both tall blonds, but Weaver’s hair is much nicer), but no one can make that mistake again–Weaver is no longer in Smurf Blue and has a WS ring.

    As far as heckler interaction, he’s not a funny as Eric, and he’s not as cute, but he will talk smack with you during batting practice, and is approachable outside the park.

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