Feb. 17-Pitchers & Catchers Report Today!

Arizona Diamondbacks pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in Tuscon today. The D’Backs share the facilities at Tuscon Electric Park with the Chicago White Sox. And that makes me think of the trade the Diamondbacks could have made this offseason with the ChiSox that would have gotten them a quality number 2 starter who is much younger than Randy Johnson.

Those of you who pay attention to the Hot Stove League dealings will remember that the White Sox tried to trade Jon Garland to the Houston Astros. The deal fell through when the White Sox did not like the medical reports on one of the players they were supposed to get in the deal. A short time later, the White Sox  moved another of their pitchers, and Garland was no longer available. During the short time the window of opportunity was open on Garland, White Sox GM Ken Williams said he was sorry he had traded two players: Gio Gonzalez and Chris Young. He got Gonzalez back, and if it had been up to me, he would have gotten Chris Young back, too, if I could have gotten Jon Garland in return. After all, it’s not as if the Diamondbacks are short of outfielders…

Jon Garland or Randy Johnson as your No. 2 hurler in 2007, whom would you rather have? I have put a new entry in the right sidebar called Shadow GM in which I will keep tabs on both pitchers. Let’s see what happens.



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