Oh No!

The Yankees are looking to deal Randy Johnson and are talking to the D’Backs. That would be revenge for 2001, wouldn’t it?

First, the Snakes talk to Mulder, now they are thinking about Johnson. Hey, D’Backs! Taking a chance on an injured pitcher is a luxury for a team with a strong staff…

or a sign of desperation.

And who would you send to New York?




  1. Kellia

    Yeah, Real Stupid! 1) Look at the D’Backs depth chart.They need a backup third baseman. 2) Why trade any young starter for someone that old and recovering from surgery.

    The D’Backs should have traded Chris Young back to the White Sox for Jon Garland when the original plan to trade Garland fell through. Leave Byrnes in center, play Hairston in left and have Garland as the No. 2 pitcher behind Webby.

  2. kayleexxx@aol.com

    I fully agree.The Diamondbacks
    have confirmed they have talked with the yanks but,their asking price is to high(accoring to steve Gilbert@Mlb.com).I hope they do not trade any young players like CHAD TRACY for RJ!

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