A shout out to the new visitors coming over from SI.com

Ebhr5306_2and Aditi’s article.  I’m still recovering from liveblogging the Mets’ D’Backs Extra Innings Barnburner –my first ever attempt at liveblogging–Red Sox Chick is really the expert at it–so I am not going to say much.


1) HI. There’s a lot of stuff here, so I hope at least some of you come back.

2) I hope more people get to know about Eric Byrnes and get to rooting for him. And maybe putting him on a few of your All-Star ballots so that he at least gets serious consideration for the reserve team.

3) It’s an honor to be mentioned in SI. It’s the Major Leagues of Sports Magazines.

4) I hope you have fun here. MLBLOGs is a great community.

5) Some of you leaving comments would be greatly appreciated.

Go Byrnesie!

Go Snakes!

And yes, I want to the Mets to win the NL East this year. But did they have to take 2-3 from the D’Backs to do it?



  1. Kellia

    Thanks. There’s something humorous about it I will share with you later. Right now I have to go run some errands.

  2. Rob

    Kudos to you, Kellia, for the si mention! I was glad to see that it didn’t take the expected “stalker” spin.

  3. Matt

    As hard as it is for me to admit, Aditi’s article was so good that I cant possibly add to, or improve on, a word uttered by Red Sox Chick, above.

    Well,except for this:


    P.S.- the SI link in this post isnt working;the other’s look ok.

  4. Kellia


    Thanks for catching the problem with the link, Matt. It turned out to be too many HTTP:’s in the code. I fixed it now.


    It didn’t take the stalker spin because 1) I’m not a stalker and 2) Aditi did her research.

  5. John

    Just like to add my congrats. I hadn’t appreciated why you started the blog until I read the article. I figured you were just besotted with Byrnesie but now I see it’s better than that.
    Great stuff.

  6. azshadowwalker@yahoo.com

    I just found this blog through a link at Deadspin. From a fellow Byrnes fan, great job, Kellia.

  7. Kellia

    Thanks azshadowwalker (cool name! You are the first person who has ever left a comment after clicking over from Deadspin.

    Please come back any time. I am always happy to see other Byrnes fans here.

  8. John

    I just saw the link to your SI.com article on the ‘sphere. Very Nice!

    Grats on getting some attention for not only your blog but for all of us!

    Your blog is very well put together, continued success and enjoyment to you, Kellia!


    aka Johnny Archive


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