Like Music to My Ears

Ebhr5306 …the crack of the bat when Byrnesie hit his THIRD HOMER in two days. (Fellow Byrnes Fans: we are getting closer and closer to the significant 11th round-tripper. I would like to see it by the end of business on June 3rd).

(Today’s photo credit goes to Frank Franklin II/AP).

The Byrnes line for the day: 1-4 and 1 BB, 1 RBI and 2 Rs. HR No. 9. Hitting streak now at 13 games. BA now .322, down two points because 1 hit isn’t enough to raise his batting average any more. We should all have such problems, huh?

…the news that Miguel Batista pitched a COMPLETE GAME. (D’Backs beat the Mets 7-2). I hope complete games are coming back into style in the majors. Working stiff sez: Ya make that kind of dough, ya oughta be able to pitch 9 innings now and then. (And goodness knows that the D’Backs bullpen needs the rest).

More good news: I don’t have to work tomorrow, so I get to enjoy the Webb-Martinez confrontation! I hope it’s a pitcher’s duel that Webby wins with run support from the bat of a certain center fielder I hope you all are including on at least some of your All-Star Game ballots.

There are issues, but I’m not getting into them tonight. I have to unravel the mysteries of podcasting.

Patience, Mets fans. Byrnes and company march on Atlanta next. If I have my druthers, the D’Backs will pull a Sherman and the Braves will get "Byrned."

Kéllia "Byrnes in the All-Star Game" Ramares
Oakland, CA



  1. Kellia

    Hmm… A thought, now that I know EB is in the lineup. But I have never doen this before, so I wold like to have a Mets fan to do it with.

    Let me see if there is one around.

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