True Elation 7 is the Agony and the Ecstasy: Mets 8 – D’Backs 7

THE AGONY: Eric Byrnes was called out on strikes twice tonight. He left three men on base, two in scoring position. If he had batted in just one of the three, the D’Backs could have won. The Mets won this twice rain-delayed game 8-7, with a walk-off hit by David Wright after Jose Valverde blew his second save opportunity in a row.

THE ECSTASY: Eric Byrnes hit two solo homers.

Ebhr15296The homer in the first inning, in his first AB, on the 7th pitch, gave the D’Backs a 1-0 lead.

The second homer, in  the 5th inning, on the first pitch, tied the game at 4 after the D’Backs had given up 4 runs in the second.  Both homers were hit off RIGHTHANDER Steve Trachsel.

Ebhr2running5296_1The Eric Byrnes line for the day was 2-5 w/ 2 HRs, 2 RBI and 2 Rs. His BA is .324. The hitting streak stands at 12 games. Those were homers No. 7 & 8, which put Byrnesie back on track to meet my benchmark of 25 HRs this year. And those were RBIs 19 & 20 and Rs 27 & 28. A multi-hit day with at least one RBI is True Elation (or will be once I actually get to see the hits. I was working during the first homer, in transit during the second homer and  only got home in time to see him ground out to third his last time up!) My definition of True Elation holds even when the D’Backs lose.

(A big tip of the cap to Chad Tracy who hit a three-run homer in the 7th to give the D’Backs another lead!)

Byrnes’ Bottom Line: He can’t go leaving 3 men on base when he gets so few opportunities with guys on to begin with.

Team Bottom Line: the Snakes simply have got to pitch better. Starter Claudio Vargas gave up 6 runs! Not a quality start, to say the least. And you could practically hear the glee in the voices of the Mets announcers when Valverde showed up because his ERA is so bad, especially for a closer. Between Byrnes and Tracy, the Snakes got 5 runs on three homers. That ought to be enough to win. But not if your starter is giving up 6.

The Silver Lining: No team goes 162-0. As an ex-New Yorker who grew up a Mets fan, I would rather see the D’Backs lose to the Mets (with Byrnesie having a great day), than anyone else. I’m still smarting from that shutout loss to the Pirates.

My Bottom Line: Eric Byrnes hit two home runs today! (Photos of Byrnesie by Jeff Zelevansky/Reuters).

Kéllia "still a pleased mollusk overall" Ramares


  1. john

    Hey Kellia, Wrote a nice little piece about u in my previous blog about tonight;s game. I appreciate your response and also ill email you pics tomorrow.


    The diamondbacks won tonight

    7-2 what a gamse by Miguel Batista he pitched a complete game.The point I am getting to is Byrnesie has a hot bat.Another home run.He is on fire.Hope Brandon Webb can beat Pedro MArtinez tomorrow.

  3. Kellia


    I just got home. I was told at work about Byrnesie’s HR and I knew the final score, but I didn’t know about the complete game. That is exactly what the D’Backs needed.

    And finally I don’t have to work during the game! I can watch Webb vs Martinez. If they both bring their A games, that would be a classic. (Preferably, with the D’Backs winning, Byrnesie bat providing the run support Webby needs to win the pitcher’s duel!)

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