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Arizona Diamondbacks

This Week: 5

Center fielder Eric Byrnes doesn’t slide into a base, he jumps at it the way some people dive into their backyard swimming pool.
Last Week: 8

Yeah, I know. Byrnesie is not always the most graceful player on the field. But he’s all out, all the time, which is why I trust him, why I root for him, and why, at least in part, the D’Backs are doing well.

Now…if only he would get moved from 2 to 5 in the lineup, his RBI total would go up fast. Someone batting .322 with 6 homers, 14 doubles and a triple should have more than 18 RBI.

Kéllia "Byrnes in the All-Star Game" Ramares
Oakland, CA


  1. john

    Hello Kellia,
    Im actually at the game right now and checking out my blog on my blackberry. Just wanted to wish Eric luck tonight as he will need it against my Shea bombers,JK. But i enjoy looking at your blog and i actually filled out 25 ballots while sitting in the rain and put byrnes in on all of them for you after reading your nice blogs.

    Be Well, the games starting now.

    John, K.I.T i will read your blog every day.

  2. john

    P.s I will take pictures of Eric Byrnes tomorrow at the game as well and send them to you , just give me a email adress. thanks

  3. john

    And as i was writing that to you, Byrnes literally golfed the ball out of the stadium, good shot. Now im glad i voted him to the All star team. Is it alright if i comment about your site on my site?
    Thanks again, ill blog later after the game and my hour long drive home.

  4. Kellia


    My email address is

    Post me some nice shots of Byrnesie and I will be pleased to put them on my blog with credit to you, of course!

    I’m at work, and following the game on the gameday screen, and know about the homer. I’m thrilled! One more hit of any kind is True Elation for me, regardless of the final score.

    Golf shot, eh? He’s not supposed to like the low pitches. And off Traschel, eh? He’s not supposed to hit righties, yeah, SHURRR!

    Thanks for the All-Star votes. Don’t forget to record what you did on my poll when it is visible again.

    Yes, you can talk about my blog and know that I grew up in NYC a Mets fan, so I don’t mind if the Mets win so long as Byrnesie does very well. And if the D’Backs beat the Mets because Byrnesie is doing great, then I hope they win as many off the Braves to even things out. They go to Atlanta after this.

    Stay Dry.



    What a way to lose a game.Huh? That is two blown saves by Jose Valverde.He needs to start stepping up.Two homers by brynesie.He is a good player. Let’s have a better game tomorrow.


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