What the #&@^$%@!^$??? Part 2

This morning MLB.com featured Eric Byrnes on the panel highlighting some of today’s games. The panel ended up getting changed to Shawn Green, as Byrnes was benched in favor of DaVanon.

Yes, DaVanon has done well against Arroyo, but so has Byrnes, who is lifetime 3-9 with all three hits being doubles.

But Platoon Sergeant Bob Melvin wants to stack his lineup with lefthanders against Arroyo, and DaVanon is a switch-hitter. Byrnesie’s .322 average, 11-game hitting streak and 3 doubles against Arroyo be damned. The thing that matters most is that he is righthanded.


On that note, it’s time to pay attention to the Indy 500. Go Danica!




  1. Ashlee

    Sorry he wasn’t in the lineup today, but best of luck to him in the future – especially when the D-backs are playing NL Central teams! I hope he goes 4-4 in every single one of those games.

  2. Kellia

    My computer desktop at home and at work are currently featuring a photo of Byrnesie homering off Mark Mulder of Cardinals.

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