I can scarcely believe it!

Sun18_4 Eric Byrnes is starting today! And against a right-handed pitcher at that! Can it be that Jeff DaVanon has officially been declared cooled-off since he’s gone 3-23? (And didn’t make a catch last night I know Byrnesie would have?)

Byrnesie’s batting 7th today. That’s better than 8th because he’ll get a little bit of protection with someone other than the pitcher batting behind him. But shall we have a vote as to where he should bat? Has any manager known where to put him?

He just hit an RBI single. A low line drive with runners at the corners. I keep saying that he’s a line drive hitter. After he did that, the Giants announcers said that Byrnes lifetime in the Giants’ park is .410 with 3 hrs and 9 RBI. How he doesn’t start every game in that park, regardless of who is pitching, is beyond me.

Housefly_5Figures he’s starting on a day I can’t go to the park, but at least he’s starting, contributing to the team,  and I know that at least one big Byrnes fan copped a ticket to today’s game.

Byrnesie was stranded at second as the Snakes loaded the bases but the pitcher hit into a double play. No apologies from me, purists, over the fact that I like the DH.

Note_4 Congrats to Albert Pujols who has hit his 14th homer of April. A new MLB record.

R.I.P. Steve Howe, the pitcher brought low by drug addiction. He was killed in an auto accident at 48.

Kéllia Ramares
Oakland, CA

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