The Clock

They say a watched pot never boils. Will a watched clock count down?

At least in this final weekend before Opening Day, we get to enjoy some "serious" exhibition games, as some teams play for regional pride. e.g. A’s v. Giants, Cincy v. Cleveland, the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles v. the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Sheesh!

On the way to wet Oakland-yeah, it’s raining again–the Yankees stop by Chase Field in Phoenix to play the Diamondbacks. This gives Eric Byrnes a chance to get a feel for the field. He’s never played at Chase before.

He who will rule in center field finally gets a chance to survey his new domain. <big, toothy grin>

Go Byrnesie! Go Snakes! Go AWAY Rain!

Kéllia "Soggy" Ramares
Oakland, CA


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