Sure…Go Ahead…Be That Way! is running a "handicapping" series this week. And today’s article, by Robert Falkoff, was titled Players on the rebound: looks at the players most likely to recover from ’05. The article talked mostly about players who had suffered major injuries. (May they all come back fully recovered!) But it mentioned as well several players who had bad seasons not due to illness or injury: Adrian Beltre, Justin Morneau, Doug Mientkiewicz, Jeremy Affeldt, Mike Lowell, Eric Milton, Carlos Beltran, and Oliver Perez.

Hey, Falkoff, you missed somebody…Eric Byrnes! How quickly the media likes to forget that in 2004 Byrnes hit .283 and had 20 homers, 39 doubles and 73 RBI. Fortunately, smart GMs don’t assume one abysmal, aberrant year tells the whole story. Byrnesie got at least five offers in December. He’s going to be one of the sparkplugs of the 2006 Arizona Diamondbacks.

As the article said: "The trick is to show the resiliency and resolve to bounce back strong, putting that disappointing season in the rear-view mirror and speeding away to brighter days." Eric Byrnes has that resiliency and resolve. So sure..go ahead…be that way…leave him off the list of likely rebound players to keep an eye on in the National League! I’ll keep an eye on him for you. I’ll keep both eyes on him. Better yet, I’ll keep four eyes on him, since I wear glasses. Eric Byrnes is going to be just fine!

Go Byrnesie! Go Snakes!

Kéllia Ramares
Oakland, CA


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