An Eric Byrnes Quote About Steroids

Byrnes1_1 Exactly a year ago today, Dec. 7, 2004, Eric Byrnes gave CBS a phone interview from which he was quoted the next day in a CBS News story about steroids in baseball. I just found the remarks. They are worth repeating.

Byrnes said, "The biggest thing is that the public knows it’s not as prominent as media and some outside sources are making it out to be.

"Do I think it’s right? No, absolutely not. In every walk of life, in every profession for hundreds of years, people have been looking to get an advantage. The kids, who are the most important part of this thing, need to know that this isn’t OK."

Thanks, Byrnesie. Thanks to you and all players who do not take steroids.

Comments to come soon on hot stove doings, salaries and Eric Byrnes’ batting stance. Some time next week, I hope. I’ve had some schedule disruptions that I will explain as relevant in later posts.

I will be on the mezzanine at the KPFA Crafts and Music Fair at 8th and Brannan in San Francisco on Sat. and Sun. Dec. 10 & 11. So if you are in the city that day, stop by and say hello. I’ll be wearing a shirt that says: "Down the Left Field Line: Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes."

You’ll find great holiday shopping, music, information and food there. And there’s a Katrina relief project in which you can participate while you are at the Fair. Details on how to get there and what the project is about are at this link.

(Photo of Byrnes by Daryl of Daryl’s Place).

Kéllia Ramares
Oakland, CA




    Hey! Just thought I’d tell you that I got Eric’s autograph at an Orioles/Indians game at the Jake last year. That’s pretty cool!



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