It’s Not Just the Superstars Who Count, Part 2

"It’s the stuff dreams are made of. I’ve had about 100 of these at-bats in my backyard with my younger brother."

–Geoff Blum, Chicago White Sox

Congrats to White Sox reserve infielder Geoff Blum, who hit the game-winning homer of World Series Game 3! In his first World Series at-bat ever, the journeyman switch-hitter, who played with the Astros in 2002 and 2003, went yard on an Ezequiel Astacio pitch in the 14th inning. Blum hit the homer right after the Astros turned a sparkling double play on two of his more famous teammates: Jermaine Dye and Paul Konerko.

Blum has the least playing time of anyone on the White Sox postseason roster. He entered the game in the 13th inning as a defensive replacement.

You never know who’s going to come up big.

Kéllia Ramares
Oakland, CA




    u r completly right. u never know who the hero is gonna be in the game…one time it is Scott , another day it is Blum, some other day, it is someone else… i am still waiting to watch tonight’s game, hopefully it is as exciting as last night’s game… GO SOX… LETS SWEEP THEM AND LETS WIN THIS THING, WE MISS THE TROPHY HERE IN CHICAGO… GO SOX..

  2. Kellia


    From what I read, Blum was popular when he was on the Astros. So I would think that Astros fans are thinking that if they had to lose that game, at least the coup de grace was delivered by someone they could like.

    When the announcers listed who was due up for the White Sox in the 14th, you could tell from the tone of their voices that they expected nothing from Blum. At that point I figured he would be the one to do something. I didn’t know anything about him and I wasn’t really thinking homer, but that perhaps he would bat in one of the guys ahead of him.

    I enjoyed the Cardinals’ Game 5 comeback with Pujols hitting a 3-run homer, two other well-known Cardinals on the bases in front of him. But the big guy isn’t always up when you need a hit, so it’s cool to see reserves contributing to their team’s victories.

    I was rooting for the Sox, but it was good to see Biggio and Bagwell have the chance to play in the Series. Some fine players go through their entire careers without getting that opportunity.

    In 1989, the Oakland A’s had a relief pitcher named Todd Burns. They swept the Giants in the “earthquake” series and didn’t really need to use Burns during the series. But Tony LaRussa brought him in to face the last two hitters. He said he did that because Burns hadn’t been in the Series and you never know if you are going to have that opportunity again.

    Sure enough, the A’s traded the guy and he was out of baseball entirely in a couple of years.

    Biggio and Bagwell are near the end of their careers, so it was good to see them get a chance to be in the World Series.

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